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Junk We Haul


Customers usually request information about the types of junk we haul away. Our service helps households and businesses dispose of most unwanted items (including bulky or heavy goods). Today, most garbage collection services simply won’t pick up these materials. We do! We offer convenient, friendly assistance. Ask us to haul away any of these things:


Call us to haul away unwanted furniture. We collect and dispose of heavy desks, old sofas, tables, chairs, bed frames, and other furnishings.


Do you need assistance hauling away an old mattress or a water bed? Contact us. We offer fast service at affordable prices.

Pet Products

Our junk haulers routinely remove pet crates, old dog runs, and other pet-related items.

Athletic Equipment

We also haul away unwanted, damaged, or bulky athletic gear. From stationary treadmills to tennis nets, we accept a wide array of sports equipment.


Our company accepts unwanted household appliances of every type. Ask us to remove used refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, stoves, dryers, coffee makers, microwave ovens, and other household items.

Most Auto Parts

With a few exceptions, we collect most types of auto parts. Ask us to remove a junk fender, discarded tires, and other automotive products. We do require documentation from you to establish proof of ownership in order to haul away unwanted vehicles, however.

Paper Goods

Van Nuys Junk Removal routinely collects and disposes of unwanted paper goods. Ask us to collect packaging materials, old newspapers, cardboard boxes, and more.

Copy Machines And Printers

Disposing of an old copy machine or a printer sometimes concerns businesses. We accept this type of office equipment. We possess the tools and trucks required to remove bulky and heavy copying devices safely.

Most Electronic Items

We also haul away and correctly dispose of unwanted or outdated electronic goods. From televisions sets to personal computers, we collect a wide array of gadgets. Some restrictions apply.

Most Construction Site Debris

Many construction sites require the removal of lumber scraps, concrete, bricks, and other debris. While we cannot transport every type of item, we can provide fast hauling assistance for unrestricted materials.

Bathtubs/Spas/Hot Tubs

Van Nuys Junk Removal helps property owners dispose of heavy and bulky bathroom fixtures. Ask us to haul away a toilet, a bathtub, or a spa during a remodeling project. We assist California residents in disposing of most unwanted above ground swimming pools correctly, too.

Scrap Metal

Do you need assistance clearing away unsightly scrap metal? Contact us for prompt, courteous service. We collect an assortment of unwanted metal debris, including tin cans and sheet metal scraps.

Musical Instruments

Sometimes disposing of heavy or damaged musical instruments poses problems for households. We routinely pick up pianos, accordions, harps, organs, drums, and other music-related goods.


Our customers sometimes require our help hauling away glass. Perhaps you replaced a window pane recently? Call us to safely remove and dispose of any broken or left over shards of glass. We also haul away mirrors for customers.

Yard Waste

We often collect leaves, grass clippings, tree branches, and other common yard waste products. Households and businesses in California appreciate our prompt service.


Do you need assistance hauling away an old playhouse, a wading pool, a swingset, or other toys? Call Van Nuys Junk Removal. We accept and remove these items.

Pool Tables

Our company also helps customers by hauling away bulky, unwanted pool tables. These heavy items sometimes weigh hundreds of pounds.

Most Household Garbage

We accept most types of household garbage. This includes food items, cloth materials, packaging, and other unwanted clutter. We assist households in cleaning away a variety of leftover materials after hoarding incidents, for example.


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